Instead of using a large volume of concentrated chemical solution, this method uses a gas mixed with the same concentration of chemical solution. It is appropriate for systems characterized by a large ratio of volume to surface area. This would offer the same or very similar results with a significantly reduced amount of chemicals used and waste generated. Based on a particular application, the nature of gas can be determined; however, an inert gas is highly recommended for this application. The method can be used for the following applications:



Tank chemical cleaning is a specific process that has to be designed on a case-to-case basis. Based on the nature of the deposit, a proper solvent has to be chosen, which can minimize manpower and waste material. The chosen solvent is then circulated with an external pump, establishing several circulation loops. This method has several advantages to the conventional tank cleaning practice: it is a cost effective method, reduces cleaning time, generates minimal to no waste (over 95% recovery of hydrocarbons), requires no crew entry, and presents minimized environmental risk.

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